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Eureka - Komplette Serie (2006)  link to Eureka - Komplette Serie on IMDb  

Nummer: 738

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7,9/10 (41525 Stimmen)

Land: USA, 60 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Komödie, Abenteuer, Romanze

Regisseur: Mike Rohl, Michael Robison, Matthew Hastings, Michael Lange, Colin Ferguson, Joe Morton, Michael Grossman, Jefery Levy, Jeff Woolnough, Eric Laneuville, Chris Fisher, Alexandra La Roche, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Colin Bucksey, Marita Grabiak, Peter O'Fallon, David Straiton, Donna Deitch, Robert Lieberman, Tim Matheson, Michael Nankin, Matt Earl Beesley, Ernest R. Dickerson, Fred Gerber, Paul Holahan, Oz Scott, Bryan Spicer, Sarah Pia Anderson, Matthew Diamond, James Head, Steve Miner, Stephen Surjik, Andrew Seklir, Jaime Paglia

Darsteller: Colin Ferguson (als Jack Carter), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (als Allison Blake), Erica Cerra (als Jo Lupo), Neil Grayston (als Douglas Fargo), Joe Morton (als Henry Deacon)

Medium: Blu-ray Disc,

Handlung: With the help of Albert Einstein and other trusted advisors, President Harry S. Truman commissioned a top-secret residential development in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest, one that would serve to protect and nurture America's most valuable intellectual resources. There our nation's greatest thinkers, the über-geniuses working on the next era of scientific achievement, would be able to live and work in a supportive environment. The best architects and planners were commissioned to design a welcoming place for these superlative geniuses to reside, an area that would offer the best education for their children, the best healthcare, the best amenities and quality of life. A community was created to rival the most idyllic of America's small towns - with one major difference: this town would never appear on any maps. At least, none that haven't been classified "eyes only" by the Pentagon.

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Seitenformat: 1.78:1