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Nummer: 157

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8,1/10 (732590 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: The Truman Show (Originaltitel)

Land: USA, 103 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Komödie

Regisseur: Peter Weir

Darsteller: Jim Carrey (als Truman Burbank), Laura Linney (als Meryl Burbank / Hannah Gill), Noah Emmerich (als Marlon), Natascha McElhone (als Lauren / Sylvia), Holland Taylor (als Truman's Mother)

Medium: Blu-ray Disc,

Handlung: In this movie, Truman is a man whose life is a fake one... The place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is exploited. Until one day... he finds out everything. Will he react?

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Seitenformat: 1.85:1