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Die Bourne Verschwörung (2004)  link to Die Bourne Verschwörung on IMDb  

Nummer: 133

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7,8/10 (377060 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: The Bourne Supremacy (Originaltitel)

Land: USA, 108 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Russisch

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery

Regisseur: Paul Greengrass

Darsteller: Matt Damon (als Jason Bourne), Franka Potente (als Marie), Brian Cox (als Ward Abbott), Julia Stiles (als Nicky), Karl Urban (als Kirill)

Medium: Blu-ray Disc,

Handlung: After escaping from the emotional and physical pain he previously encountered. Jason Bourne and his girlfriend Marie begin a new life as far away as possible. But when an assassination attempt on Bourne goes horribly wrong, Bourne must re-enter the life he wanted to leave behind, in order to find out the truth why they are still after him.

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Seitenformat: 2.35:1