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Nummer: 120

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9,2/10 (1258147 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: The Godfather (Originaltitel)

Land: USA, 175 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch, Italienisch

Genre: Drama, Krimi

Regisseur: Francis Ford Coppola

Darsteller: Marlon Brando (als Don Vito Corleone), Al Pacino (als Michael Corleone), James Caan (als Sonny Corleone), Richard S. Castellano (als Clemenza), Robert Duvall (als Tom Hagen)

Medium: Blu-ray Disc,

Handlung: When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.

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Seitenformat: 1.85:1